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We are planning a final litter for Bell and Lulu late 2020







      When you purchase a puppy from us we provide you with the following:

       Kennel Club Registration document  This is signed both by the breeder and the new owner and should be sent off to the Kennel Club as soon as possible

       so that the puppy is registered to the new owner.  Recently when registering a litter of puppies online we have found that we are still the owners of many puppies we have sold

       and we urge you to transfer the ownership...not only for us as it seems that we own a lot of dogs but also for your own sake as if the puppy is microchipped, this is in your

       name and could cause confusion with the correct ownership. We are hoping to encourage new owners to bring along a cheque payable to the Kennel Club and help them

      complete the form ready for posting.  This will ensure in future the transfer is done.

      Pedigree  your puppy's full 5 generation pedigree

      Advice For New Owners  This covers many questions asked of us over the years, including the correct amount of exercise in the early days

      Diet Sheet

      Worming Certificate

      Contract of sale   which basically is to say we have sold you the puppy which to our knowledge is free from any health problems and that when you take it to the vet for its  

       vaccines you should come back to us if anything untoward is found, and that we can not be held responsible for any illnesses that the dog may incur later in life.  We also include

       a clause that at any time in the dogs life you are unable to keep him/her then you should contact us to return the puppy and we will deal with any re homing required. We like to

       where our dogs are if at all possible.  Things change in life that cannot always be helped and we will always give a sympathetic ear.

       We also place endorsements on the KC registration and this is done now by most of the reputable breeders

       Endorsement X means that the puppy is not eligible for an export pedigree.  which ensures that he/she is not being purchased by a third party to send

        to someone overseas without our knowledge

       Endorsement R   means that any progeny of the puppy ,should it be bred from in later life, will not eligible for registration with the Kennel Club

        this can be lifted if the owner wants to breed at a later date but only when we have had the proof of the necessary health checks.  Breeding  of

       litters should  not be taken lightly and all the required health checks of both the dog and bitch should be in place before even considering it and it is not a quick way to

       making easy money as a lot of people think.

      Photos of parents.

      Puppy pack

      Your puppy will  be :


      De flead and wormed

      But will not be:

       Vaccinated...This should be arranged with your vet within the first few days after you collect him/her and this is the opportunity for you to have a health check.

       Vaccination usually with most vets is at 8 and 10 weeks although different areas have different timing.

      Any puppies who are staying longer with us, eg if the new owner is to be on holiday and wants us to keep here longer, we can arrange for the vaccinations to   be     done by our vet  but the cost will be charged to the new owner..

      We tell all our new puppy owners that we are always available for any advice they may require at any time in the life of the dog